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X 4.6


Pure Enjoyment

The X4⁶ is a versatile and fast family cruiser, that helps you to make the most out of every moment. Advanced hull construction, a powerful sail plan and a well proportioned cockpit, put you at the centre of an engaging sailing experience. We call this "Superior Sailing Pleasure".

Down below, Scandinavian style and craftsmanship create a place where you will always enjoy spending time. The X4⁶ exhibits quality and attention to detail, both inside and out, helping to realise its purpose as an excellent sailing yacht. This is Pure X.

Modern Hull Design & Construction

The hull design of the X4⁶ follows the latest design philosophy, which maximises sailing performance. Designed to excel in all wind conditions, due to a generous sail plan, coupled to a high quality mast and rig, including discontinuous rod rigging as standard.

X4⁶ hulls are built with X-Yachts' advanced technology, including vacuum epoxy infusion, and incorporating X-Yachts' famous steel keel grillage to securely hold the composite lead/iron keel, in place for outstanding safety in all conditions.


LENGHT ( M ) - 13.50
BEAM ( M ) - 4.27
DRAFT ( M ) - 2.00/2.30/2.50
ENGINE - Yanmar 57/80 
DISPL ( KEEL / KG ) - 10,900
FUEL - 280 ( L ) 
WATER - 360/100 ( L )
HEAD ROOM - 193 ( CM ) 

Interior Craftsmanship

The influence of clean Scandinavian design, can be seen throughout the interior. The X4⁶ is being traditional but with a modern appearance. The Danish quality craftsmanship is of a very high standard with finely crafted details, and showcases carpentry at its very best. The wooden veneer will be Nordic Oak as standard, with other options on offer.

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