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We are a family business of sailors & sail makers

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Avi Swissa CEO & Sail Expert

Avi Swissa was born into a family of sailing racers (champions!) and sailmakers.  Ever since he breathes and lives sailing, racing, and the salty air.
Avi spent his youth racing amongst many one design classes.
Avi was a former Israeli national team member in the 420 & 470 classes and participated in many national races all over the world in smaller one designs and larger keel boats.
Avi has 12 years of business experience with deep understanding of the sailing industry in Europe. 


Easy Swissa Founder & Sail Maker

Easy Swissa is a well known name in the Sailing World.
Having started his sailing career at the age of 10, he holds many titles as champion in national and international sailing races.
 Easy is a sought-after specialist in the sailing yacht and sailmaking industries, as a trainer and mentor but above all, a passionate ambassador of the sailing lifestyle.

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Orit Swissa CFO & Sail Expert

Orit is an experienced windsurfer, founder of the first Israeli  women's yacht sailing team and a mother of four skilled sailors.
Orit is a true artist of spray hood, lazy pack and bimini design. Her reputation and expertise has gone very far. Sailors and yachts from many countries come for her Magic Touch. Her designs decorate yachts all over the Mediterranean.

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Ohad Swissa Loft Manager

Ohad is the talented helmsman of the family, a true racer and offshore sailor. He is in charge of all our sails and rigging, on board customer services.

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Ekaterina Rudakova Cyprus Office Manager 

Originally Ekaterina comes from Russia and after graduating her BSc Management degree in UK moved to Cyprus. Having tried many different sports in the past, she fell in love with sailing and became a co-founder of the biggest offshore sailing club in Cyprus. In the past year she joined our team and runs our Cyprus office. 


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Gal Ronen After
Sales Manager

Gal started sailing at the age of 5

and fel
l in love with it. Since then,

he has never stopped sailing

on boats and yachts both for

pleasure and as a profession.

He is responsible for after-sales

service, customer service, spare

s and project mangment.

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Illya Fedchenko Marketing Manager

Illya comes from Ukraine and has been living in Cyprus for more than 9 years. Sailing is completely a new experience for Ilya, but he is always willing to learn something new. This year he joined our team and is dealing with the marketing of Easy Sails in Cyprus. 

Back in 1983, Easy Sails started as a small sailmakers company in Tel Aviv. Today, 39 years later, we have grown into a strong, professional, family company of sailing experts, trading yachts and sails, helping sailors to find their perfect sailing experience.

As a family business of sailors, we, our team, and our DNA are all based on a vast professional sailing experience. racing or cruising, we are DEFINITELY the right sailors to do business with.

The colleagues, opponents, sailors, and other people you meet along the way become your network. Many of them become good friends, when some become clients and business partners. Yet there are people with whom we can cross the oceans. That is the beauty of the sailing community. It intricates that you never know in how many ways you will interact and connect with those you meet along your path.

Let's talk sailing! 
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