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Choosing and finding your dream boat is a fun but complicated and very important journey. 

It is crucial to take your time through the process. As well as to have a good and experienced team around you to help you to define your needs and decide which boat is the right one for you and your family. 


Buying a boat does not end up at the point of making a deal. It goes on through many more steps along the way:

choosing the boat hardware, rigging, sails, supervising shipyards on the building process. On top of that it is very important to take part in the launching process, sea trails and much more.


When choosing your dream yacht, you also have to choose the right professionals to take you through this journey and be there for you on every step of the way.


Characterizing your boat:

Together we will define your sailing habits, likes, dislikes and dreams (:

Together we will be able to match the best yachts for your needs and budget.


Monohull or multihull? Racer, cruiser, or maybe a bit of both? (:

Those are all great questions that based on your dreams and our experience, we will be able to find right answers to for you.


After understanding your needs and dreams we will find the right match for you with one of our wide variety of shipyards we are working with.

After finding the one you will need to choose your yacht hardware and extra gear. That is not a simple

task! Our team are sailing experts with thousands of miles under there keel will help and support you to choose the exact right set up for you and your boat: rigging, sails, engine, and more. All that needs to be taken into consideration. 

We know what is important and what is not. What must be only the best in order not to fail you during an offshore sailing or tight race. What sails will be right for you and how to fit it all into your budget. 

Together we will create the perfect boat just for you.


We closely supervise the building process of every new boat. We will offer you to visit the shipyard with us and watch your dream yacht being built.


The launching process:

This is most probably the key point of this kind of projects. Unfortunately, many sailors do not give it the

right attention. 

Many new boats are not launched with the official yard riggers, builder etc. However, that can create a lot of problems and warranty issues down the line.

We will always recommend you to use only the official yacht brand services and never any other cheaper options. This is crucial.


Going out for sea trails (:

As soon as your boat is ready and properly assembled, installed, and checked, the last step before your arriving to your new boat is us taking her out for the first sea trails to make sure everything is working well, boat operates smoothly, and the red carpet is ready for you (:

As soon as you arrive, we will go out sailing with you and make sure you feel comfortable with all the systems in the boat, and you know very well how to handle your new yacht.

Besides that, we are always happy to share our worldwide sailing experience, tips, marinas and secret bays we know along the way (:

Maintenance and warranty:

On every new boat that we are delivering, we are happy to offer our 3 years warranty program.

Regardless the 3 years warranty, we are proud to be able to give proper service to our clients also after they finish the warranty time.

No matter where your boat is, at Caribbean or Limassol marine, we are proud to be able to help and support on every small or big problem and question you may have.


Already dreaming about your new boat? Set an appointment to start your journey with us.


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