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North Sails is the worldwide leader in Sailmaking with operations in 29 countries. The company designs, engineers and manufactures sails for racing and cruising sailboats from 8 feet (2.5m) to more-than 200 feet (60m) in length. North Sails is the world’s largest sailmaker with its sails being used by the majority of competitors in the Volvo Ocean Race and the America’s Cup.


After 17 years of successful running our own Sailmaking, Boat Trading and Cover Making company in Israel - ‘Easy Sails’ -  North Sails approached us in 2000 to expand their business and open the North Sails Israel Loft.

After we joined the North Sails’ family in 2002, we both became increasingly involved in sail design and contributed our knowledge and experience, combining and strengthening both companies’ expertise. The collaboration propted to rebrand. Now “North Sails Israel” , we have expanded our market share, manufacturing facilities, and our team becomes even more specialized.

For almost two decades now North Sails Israel has really known no limits. We are creating a large range of sails from small racing sails for kids sailing on Optimist to sails for large sailing yachts of 150 feet.


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