Easy Sails Marine

Faster stronger and farther away


The standard for performance and durability.

North Sails  exemplifies outstanding value with industry leading shape holding and a longer service life compared to other sailmaking technologies.


Is a leading industry, based on innovation and world class craftsmanship thus promising our customers superior sailing pleasure whether racing or cruising.


Is committed to offering a multitude of exclusive services to its boaters and gracefully puts 136 years of expertise at the heart of a long-lasting relationship


New sailors demand a brand that has an assertive, sporty, qualitative personality, whose bold style breaks with the codes of traditional sailing .Excess Catamarans is for them!

Xclusive Yacht Club

If you are one of those ‘few’ that seeks more, then visit the Club’s website to find out how to become a member and leave your own legacy in the sailing


Team Fiverr

Is looking to position Israel as one of the top nations in world sailing.

We run a youth team, powerful women's team, and Champions team!


“If I needed to buy a sail, would I buy one from me?"

Back in 1983, Easy Sails started a small sailmaking company at the Tel Aviv Marina.

Today, 38 years later, we have grown into one of the world’s leading sailmakers.

 In 2000, after years of success in Israel, we were approached by North Sails, which was interested in expanding its business in the Middle East.

Today our amazing team is comprised of experienced professionals, with thousands of miles under their keels.

Representing a wide variety of shipyards, including X-Yachts & Excess Catamarans, we are the right sailors to do business with!

And by the way, as to the question of whether, "if I needed a sail, would  I buy one from me?” 

the answer would be a hard " “Yes.” (:


  44 years                  800 +          90,000+

                                        sailing experience                       Races participants              Nautical miles traveled



                     38 years                 10,000+          100+

                       SAILMAKING EXPERIENCE                        SAILS DESIGN              YACHTS/BOATS SOLDE